Queer is not a label for me. It is my artistic as well as my life practice. Being a mongrel who grew up in Barcelona between Castilian and Catalonian culture and being a delicate dancer who always struggled with emphatically masculine dance theatre roles, I particularly examine "in-between" states and spaces in my productions.


I studied contemporary dance in Barcelona, Angers and at the Folkwang in Essen. Since 1994 I have worked for Pina Bausch, Urs Dietrich, Doris Stelzer and Xavier Le Roy, amongst others, dealing with a diversity of body aesthetics.


I have collaborated with the Hamburg-based international group HAJUSOM since 2016 and in 2019 joined Antje Pfundtner as part of her Tischgesellschaften programme of artistic exchange.


My choreographic research started in 2009 when I examined the piece ‘The Rite of Spring’ in relation to gender specific physicality and dance biographies. The results were residencies at Tanzhaus NRW and K3-Tanzplan Hamburg, during which I developed a Rite of Spring trilogy in 2010 and 2011: Ne danse pas si tu ne veux pas, No 'rait of spring and SACRES.


I was invited to the Deutsche Tanzplattform in 2014 to participate in a programme for young choreographers.


Since 2015, the focus of my choreographic practice has been about the abolition of gender and identity categorisations.

After three gender-specific dance productions: T/HE/Y (2015), YBRIDE (2016) and Solange die Nacht wirbelt (2017), I founded Queerpraxis, an open and fluid team of artists with whom I examine the historical legacies of queer cultures. This gave rise to group pieces co-produced with Kampnagel, Theater Lüneburg, Hebbel am Ufer and supported by the German State Cultural Foundation’s Fonds Doppelpass called MELANCHOLÌA (2019) and WHO’S AFRAID OF RAIMUNDA (2020), musical and choreographic compositions examining the historical tradition of queer concepts.


In my theatrical work, as well as my many education projects with young people and adults, I always seek an open dialogue about contemporary socio-political developments and question the growing calls for a supposed return to homogeneous societies.


Continuing to work with my team, we will extend our research from 2020-21, exchanging with people outside the art world, examining the gender discourse with them on biographical, social and sociological levels, over and beyond art.


Queerpraxis is a changing and open group of artists. Those who have been involved since 2020: Josep Caballero Garcìa (Artistic Director), Anne Kersting (Dramaturge), Barbara Greiner (Producer), Lea Martini, Göksu Kunak aka Gucci Chunk, Enis Turan (Performance and Text), Claudia Hill (Set and Costume), Elliott Cennetoglu (Lighting design), as well as Jule Flierl (Voice work), Sheena Mc Grandles (Performance), Black Cracker (Sound/ Text/ Performance), Alexandre Maurer (Sound), Marek Lamprecht (Lighting Design), Christin Vahl (Set and Costume), Alexandra Holtsch (Music), Hubert Wild (Song).