Based on his own experience as a dancer in Pina Bausch’s Le Sacre du Printemps,Josep Caballero García explores five iconic female roles of German dance history in the 70ies and 80ies. Through interviews with former ensemble dancers and music excerpts, the historic material and memories are deconstructed and then assembled on stage. Loose movement sketches are spatially composed within a changing landscape of screened video talks and sound, and create a collage of the selected roles in a form of subjective reconstruction inspired by the interviewees. Within his movement exploration, dancer Luis Alberto Rodriguez is searching for a choreographic physicality beyond gender.

The restrictions due to copyrights has substantially influenced working with the historical material and the use of original excerpts of video, movement, and music. No [‚rait] of spring indicates these gaps, but also utilizes them in order to find new ways of reconstruction. A composition of the collected material between dance performance, image and sound installation, the piece invites the audience on an associative and emotional journey through tags of memory, movement fragments and sounds, that enables everyone to find their individual access to the historical material.


Artistic Direction/Choreography: Josep Caballero García

Dance: Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Mentor: João da Silva

Co-Dramaturgy: Prof. Dr. Claudia Jeschke

Video/Space/Sound installation: Daniela Toebelmann

Sound editing: Jetzmann

Technical direction: Lars Rubarth

Assistant K3 Hamburg: Ann-Kathrin Reimers

Production management: Mira Moschallski


This production was realized within the residency program of K3 – Center for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg, with support of Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and funded by TANZFONDS ERBE – An initiative by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Photo: Thies Raetzke