Auf dem Küchentisch habe ich einen Zettel hinterlassen:  „mir geht’s gut, macht euch keine Sorgen“ - Enis Turan

Hermaphroditos is known as a multi-sexual mythological hermaphrodite who is often depicted asleep in art. 

Starting from the question of whether Hermaphroditos is really asleep, KÖRPER DELUXE is dedicated to the quiet forms of resistance.

Does the lethargy of the sleeping Hermaphoditos represent an imposed resignation, a having been punished, or is sleep a self-chosen form of action, a form of self-determined withdrawal? 

After years of artistic research on queer practices in art and society, the team of Körper Deluxe challenges the optimising mechanisms of our working and private societies and invites us to read sleep, rest, silence and intimacy as a resistant retreat.

KÖRPER DELUXE addresses sleep as empowerment, as an intervention that consists of making oneself invisible in order to share the world with those who are visible.

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  • Staff


    Andrea Keiz (video design), Anne Kersting (dramaturgy), Bernd Boßmann (performance virtual), Bridge Markland (performance virtual), Chiara Galesi (production management), Christoph Grothaus (sound design), Claudia Hill (textile art), Daria Geske (artistic collaboration), Dita Rita Scholl (performance virtual), Emilia Patrignani (textile art collaboration), Enis Turan (performance live), Jana Köster (lighting design), Josep Caballero Garcia (artistic direction and live performance), Kahori Furukawa (dressmaker), Katharina Bromka (virtual performance), Lea Martini (live performance), Lotte Speiser (virtual performance), Manuel Gerst (stage design research), Sophia Sylvester Röpcke (stage design and technical direction), STÜCKLIESEL (PR and publicity), Teresa Hähn (production management), Thomas Möller (virtual performance), Toni (live performance)


    We thank: Eva Garland for the puppet design, Cora Frost for the song "Liebe Alle" / text and vocals: Cora Frost, band: Gert Thumser, Hans Jehle, Susanne Betancor, Rudi Neuwirth / Viellieb Rekords 007, Germany 1995, inspired by the French song "Je cherche après Titine", composer: Léo Daniderff, text: Marcel Bertal and Louis Maubon, France 1917; and Julia Schreiner (jtw Spandau) and Gabi dan Droste (FELD Theater für junges Publikum) for their support


    A production by Josep Caballero Garcia in co-production with Kampnagel. Supported by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Department for Culture and Media and by the Fonds Soziokultur with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.

    Simone Scardovelli